Kin-in (golden block seal) Park

Fukuoka, Kyushu

The island of a gold seal conferred by a Chinese Emperor to a Japanese king stirs imaginations about ancient times

Kinin Koen is the place where the gold seal of the “Kan no Wa no Na no Kokuo (king of the Na state of the Wa vassal of Han Dynasty)” was unearthed. According to records, the seal was conferred by the Emperor Guanwu of Houhan (China) in 57 A.D. in the Middle of the Yayoi Era of Japan.

The seal was found in 1784 during the late Edo Period, owned by Kuroda Family of Fukuoka Clan, entrusted to Tokyo National Museum at the beginning of the Meiji Period and designated as a National Treasure in 1931. The original 2.3 cm-square seal is now on display in the Fukuoka City Museum.

The park is a historical park commemorating the finding of the gold seal and has a monument inscribed “The gold seal of the king of the Na state, a vassal of Han Dynasty, was found here” at its entrance. In the park, there are also an ancient map with Shiganoshima at the center and a monument inscribed with a poem of Guo Moruo, a Chinese historian and literary man associated with Fukuoka.

The landscape from Shiganoshima in the Sea of Genkai is also worth seeing. There is Nokonoshima Island in the vicinity and you can see the magnificent scenery of the Sea of Genkai that has not changed since the ancient days. Enjoy a “Historical walk” in nature.


865 Shikashima Aza Furuto, Fukuoka Higashi-ku, Fukuoka
092-431-3003 (Fukuoka Hakata Station General Information Center)
Open 24 hours
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