Jofuku Park

Wakayama, Kansai

Drink a cup of elixir tea and think about a person who lived 2,200 years ago

About 100 meter to the east of Shingu Station, a colorful gate of Chinese style will catch your eye. This is the gate of a park created celebrating a legendary figure known as Jofuku (Hsu Fu). His legend goes back 2,200 years ago. Ordered by Emperor Shi Huang-Ti of China to bring back an elixir of immortality from an eastern island, Jofuku departed with about 3,000 people. After an extremely hard voyage, they arrived at Shingu and found a medicine tree called Tendaiuyaku (Lindera strychnifolia) that is used for stomachic and pain relief effects even today. Attracted by the warm climate, beautiful landscape and kind local people, Jofuku chose Shingu as his permanent home. It is said he imparted skills such as agriculture, fisheries, weaving and paper making to the local people and is still loved as a symbol of Japan-China friendship.

This is demonstrated here and there in the park: a 1.9-meter statue of Jofuku, a pond of eternal youth commemorating his seven senior retainers, a marble plaque describing the history donated by Longkou City (Shandong, China) and the tomb of Jofuku set up by Tokugawa Yorinobu, the founder of Kishu clan, for example.

After strolling in the garden, take a short breath at a rest house. How about asking for immortality while taking tea of tendaiuyaku that was found by Hsu Fu according to legend?


1-4-24 Jofuku, Shingu, Wakayama
8:30-18:00(-17:00 during winter)
Admission Fee
Open throughout the year

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