Iwatsuki Jyoshi Park

Saitama, Kanto

A park on the site where a castle formerly stood, in a town famous for the production of Japanese dolls

Iwatsuki Joshi Park was developed on what was formerly the site of Iwatsuki Castle, which was built in the 15th century. Remnants of the castle that still survive today are the castle gate and the moats. The castle gate was a building that afforded a view over the comings and goings in the castle, and visitors can still look at the exterior of it today. In addition, Iwatsuki Castle had a dry moat (a passageway used for guarding the castle) and a wet moat (an artificial river to protect the castle); the dry moat is now a pleasant walking track for visitors. Part of the wet moat remains today as a pond, providing a reminder of the days of yore.

With around 600 cherry trees, it is renowned locally as a splendid spot for cherry blossom viewing. In April, it is a riot of pink petals, delighting the people who come to see the blossom. In addition, the park has irises and water lilies, so it presents a very colorful sight in early spring. Surrounded by a natural forest, there is an abundance of greenery, enabling visitors to indulge in a therapeutic walk in the woods.

Furthermore, the park features sports facilities in the form of tennis courts and a baseball field, and the old Kinu-go Romancecar locomotive, which was used from 1960 to 1991, is also displayed there, making it a place that is beloved of people of all ages. Renowned for the production of Japanese dolls, Iwatsuki is home to two doll-themed events each year: Nagashi-bina (in which dolls are set afloat on the water to pray for the health of one’s children) on April 29, and Ningyo Kuyosai (Doll Memorial Service) on November 3. We hope that you’ll visit and enjoy a taste of the lifestyle and history of the people of this region.


Ota, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City, Saitama