“Usuki-Takeyoi (うすき竹宵)”, “tikuraku (竹楽)”, “Sen’nen-Akari (千年あかり)”

Oita, Kyushu

Oita prefecture is the number one producer of the madake bamboo variety in Japan. And so, there are many festivals which using bamboo are held in Oita prefecture, like “Usuki Takeyoi (うすき竹宵)” in usuki-city, “Taketa Chikuraku (たけた竹灯籠 竹楽)” in taketa-city, “Sen’nen-Akari (千年あかり)” in Hita city, aud so on.

“Usuki-Takeyoi (うすき竹宵)” is an event to light bamboo and to welcome the soul of the Princess “Hannyahime (般若姫)” to her parents”Manano-chojya (真名野長者)” onse a year. The activity of making lanterns and art objects from the bamboo itself plays an active part begins from cutting bamboo in the mountains every year in August. Citizens, schools, areas, groups and the staff cooperate with each other to make bamboo lanterns and art objects day after day. You will enjoy the beautiful bamboo lanterns which are made in order to illuminate the town streets.

“Taketa Take-tourou Chikuraku (たけた竹灯籠 竹楽)” is held in 3 days weekends of the middle November every year, 20,000 bamboo lanterns are lit up around the sunset, coloring fantastically the castle town of Taketa.

“Sen’nen-Akari “(千年あかり, Light of Thousand Years) in Hita-city, 30,000 bamboo lanterns will be lit up around Kagetsu river running through Mameda town. Enjoy the fantastic but subtle and profound night. Concerts and events will be held at Mameda town shopping avenue during the festival.


"Usuki-Takeyoi (うすき竹宵)" in usuki-city, The first weekend in November

"tikuraku (たけた竹灯籠 竹楽)" in taketa-city :
3 days weekends of the middle November.

"Sen'nen-Akari (千年あかり)"
The Second 3 days weekends in November

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