Tokyo Metropolitan Theater

Tokyo, Kanto

From Tokyo to the world: A flagship theater for creativity in the performing arts.

Opened in 1990 with the objective of bringing plays, music, and other types of performing arts and culture closer to the people, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater is a comprehensive cultural facility equipped with a variety of halls, conference rooms, and exhibition spaces in a building comprising 10 floors above ground and four basement floors.

The Concert Hall, which features a world-class pipe organ, can seat 1,999 people. In order to ensure that no external noise intrudes to disturb enjoyment, it is located on the 7th to 9th floors of the building, and all the latest acoustic enhancements have been employed.

The Playhouse is a medium-sized venue with 841 seats, which is ideal for staging musicals and ballets; in addition, there are two small halls, Theater East and Theater West, each with 300 movable seats that allow considerable flexibility in stage setting. All halls have been designed to maximize the enjoyment and comfort of both the audience and the performers, making use of modern architectural and acoustic engineering techniques.

In general, theaters have a strong tendency to feel like rented halls, providing a venue for visiting arts groups, but Tokyo Metropolitan Theater is a “Propagating theater”, which creates performing arts itself and offers new forms of culture; with the renowned playwright Hideki Noda as its artistic director, the theater is ambitiously striving to put on performances that it has planned itself.


1-8-1 Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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