Sunshine 60

Tokyo, Kanto

A grand panoramic view of Tokyo from a 60-story skyscraper

Ikebukuro Sunshine City includes an aquarium, planetarium, theater, and museum in addition to shops and restaurants. Sunshine 60 is a building that is the symbol of Ikebukuro Sunshine City. It is a 240 m-tall, 60-story skyscraper, and its top floor, the 60th floor, is an observatory. It was the tallest building in East Asia when it opened in 1978.

Two shining elevators feature lights showing star signs and undersea-like sparkles. The take you directly to the observatory from the first basement level in only 35 seconds. People can see a panoramic view of landmarks representing Tokyo, such as Roppongi Hills and the cluster of high-rise buildings in Shinjuku as well as Tokyo Tower. On a fine day, people can also see Tokyo Disney Land and as far as Mt. Tsukuba, Izu Peninsula, and Mt. Fuji. The places you should go to in the observatory are the four spaces where you can look down while standing very close to the window. Seeing cars and people like miniatures, you can really feel the height of the 60th floor. In addition, at sunset, you will be fascinated by a beautiful sunset and brilliant night view of Tokyo.

Sunshine Aquarium opened around the same time as the opening of Sunshine 60. People can enjoy an extraordinary space in the middle of the city center based on the concept of “Celestial oasis.” In addition, there is also the Konica Minolta Planetarium, called “Manten,” where a deep and surprisingly realistic, beautiful starry sky, computer-generated images, and music combine together.


3-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
03-3989-3331 (Sunshine City General Information)
10:00-21:30 (admission until 21:00)
Admission Fee
Observation platform: 620 (adults), 460 (elementary and junior high school students),310 (4 years old or older)
No holidays

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