Hyogo, Kansai

A stylish town of fashion and restaurants with the unique atmosphere of Kobe

The name “Sannomiya” comes from Sannomiya Shrine, which is northeast of the Tor Road and Hanadokei Road intersection. Sannomiya Shrine enshrines the god of safe navigation and flourishing commercial activities, and has been worshiped broadly among people through the ages. On the shrine premises, there is a stone monument commemorating the Kobe Incident, a clash in front of the shrine between the soldiers of the Okayama Domain and foreign soldiers. A canon from the time of the incident is also set up there. Kobe Port opened in the same year as the incident.

There are many government agencies and marine trading companies in the district near the former Sannomiya Station of the government-owned railway, and Sannomiya has been the center of politics and economy since those days.

The current district near Sannomiya Station is a commercial area with shopping streets, and there are also many office buildings. The commercial complex on the southern side of the district is a large-scale shopping building with sophisticated, Kobe-style stores for popular Japanese and foreign apparel brands, gourmet spots, and a cinema. Under wide Flower Road on the east of the station is a shopping mall called Sanchika, with more than 120 stores. Sanchika is crowded with local customers as well as tourists.


Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo

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