Namba City

Osaka, Kansai

From fashion to sundry articles
You can find anything you want in this shopping mall

Namba City is a shopping mall under Namba Station on the Nankai Line. The main building (2-stories above ground and 2-stories underground) and the south building (2-stories above ground and one story underground) are just below Namba Station, which has platforms on the 3rd floor. With a total store area of about 28,500 square meters, the mall has gathered about 300 stores offering trendy fashion, accessories, sundry goods, books, sporting goods and many others including a rich variety of sweets shops and restaurants.

“Rocket Square” on the B1 floor was popular as a meeting place in Minami, Osaka, but has now taken a new form as “Namba Galleria.” The Italian word is used to name the bright open-ceiling space from the B1 floor to the 3rd floor above ground, to which sunlight penetrates from a glass ceiling. Namba Galleria leads not only to Namba City but also to key places in the neighborhood, including Takashimaya department store, Namba Parks, Nankai Namba Station, and Swissotel Nankai, Osaka, which makes it the best meeting place for many people.


Namba, 5-1-60 Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka
10:00-21:00 (10:00-22:00 for restaurants)
No fixed holiday

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