Kamakura Komachi-dori Street

Kanagawa, Kanto

A stylish street in the ancient city of Kamakura
With historic restaurants and fashionable stores

Komachi-dori Street spreads from the rotary in front of Kamakura station to the north toward Kamakura Hachiman-gu. According to legend, it started as a market opened in front of the shrine. Today, the street is lined with over 250 restaurants, boutiques, fancy cafes, Japanese-style sweet cafes, and stores selling souvenirs and sundry articles unique to the ancient city. Many side streets branch of from both sides of Komachi-dori Street. Stepping into narrow alleys you will find old Western-style houses with an historic atmosphere and hidden traditional stores. Enjoy discovery while walking around.

Many literary figures lived in Kamakura away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. A coffee shop frequented by great literary figures including Yasunari Kawabata, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, is still in business. There are also incense stores, an historic restaurant for handmade soba noodles, and retro-inspired French restaurants, for example. They are often featured in magazines and TV, and attract many tourists and shoppers not only on holidays but also on weekdays, with 18 million visiting annually. Komachi-dori has a kimono rental shop. It is fun to put on a kimono and look around the ancient city on a rickshaw.


Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa
0467-23-3000 (Kamakura City Government)

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