Wakuya Castle

Miyagi, Tohoku

Watari Shigemune, a military commander, became the governor of Wakuya Castle (Wakuya-jo) in 1591, and for 277 years from that time the castle remained in the possession of the Sendai Clan, which governed this region. Backed by a hill and guarded at the front by the river, Wakuya Castle was a natural fortress. It had no castle tower but instead a row of buildings resembling manors. It was completely destroyed by accidental fire in 1689, then rebuilt over a period of several years. When political power shifted from the Edo Shogunate to the Meiji Government in the mid-19th century, many castles, symbols of the samurais political power, were destroyed, including most of the buildings of Wakuya Castle. Only the stone walls and the taikodo turret now remain. A three-storied tower-like building stands adjacent to the castle, exhibiting related materials.’


3-2 Azashitamachi, Wakuya, Wakuya-cho, Toda-gun, Miyagi
Admission Fee
210 yen (Wakuya Historical Museum)
Wednesdays(If Wednesday is a holiday,the following day)
Dec.1-Mar. 31
[Walk]JR Wakuya Station/On foot/15 min.

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