Sunpu Castle Park

Shizuoka, Chubu

See a wooden gate and scaffold that were faithfully reproduced at the ruins of a castle where Ieyasu Tokugawa lived

Sunpu Castle Park is a citizen’s park constructed through development of the ruins of Sunpu Castle, which is famous for being where one of the three greatest Sengoku Period commanders, Ieyasu Tokugawa, lived as a captive when he was 7 to 18 years old. In this large, 18 ha park surrounded by trenches in every direction are many items that make people feel history from the Edo Period.

In particular, Higashigomon and Tatsumiyagura-although reconstructions-are two of the few purely wooden irimoyazukuri-roof castle constructions in Japan. They are faithful reproductions of the designs of 1638. So, make sure to see them in detail. Higashigomon is a practically designed gate that is strong in defensive warfare. It has ishiotoshi (holes, through which soldiers dropped stones on invading enemies) at the front upper side as well as tepposama and yazama (window-like holes through which soldiers attacked enemies with guns or bows and arrows) on the clay wall. You can think about the turbulent age. Tatsumiyagura is a fine wooden two-layered, three-story scaffold. Inside it is a resource center where a model and painting of Sunpu Castle, materials concerning restoration, a diorama of a castle town, and Sunpu Castle-related archaeological finds are displayed. In addition, there are a bronze statue of Ieyasu and a mandarin orange tree that is believed to have been planted by Ieyasu by hand. You will feel exposed to history here. When you check out the park, make sure to note that its name was Sunpu Park before being changed to Sunpu Castle Park in 2012.


1-1 Sunpujokoe, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
054-251-0016 (Ninomaru Facility Administration Office of Sunpu Castle Park)
9:00-16:30 for charged facilities
Admission Fee
Free (Admission fee for Higashigomon/Tatsumiyagura: 200; admission fee for Momijiyama Garden: 150)
Mondays for charged facilities (facilities are open if Monday is a national holiday)

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