Imabari Castle

Ehime, Shikoku

It took about two years, beginning in 1602, for Imabari Castle (Imabari-jo) to be built by the daimyo Todo Takatora, who governed this region. Todo Takatora has a reputation as an expert on castle-building, and it is believed that Imabari Castle was built on the seashore to make use of the water by adopting the latest technique used in a castle built in Taiwan by the Dutch. The moat surrounding the castle drew in sea water and it was possible to increase and decrease the level of water, using the tide by setting up a flood gate. A five-tiered, six-storied donjon made of ferroconcrete which commands the view of the city and the Inland Sea was reconstructed on the ruins of the castle. The inner moat and stone walls have been designated Historic Sites of the Prefecture.


3-1-3 Tori-machi, Imabari-shi, Ehime
Admission Fee
500 yen
Dec. 29-31
[Walk]JR Imabari Station/On foot/15 min.

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