Kiyosato Area

Yamanashi, Chubu

Skiing, horseback riding, and many other outdoor sports. A highland resort at an altitude of 1,300 meters.

Kiyosato is located at the southern foot of the Yatsugatake mounntain range at the northwestern part of Yamanashi near the border with Nagano. The resort overlooks the Minami Alps, Mt. Fuji, and the Chichibu Mountains in the distance. Kiyosato is a highland resort at an altitude of 1,300 meters with rolling hills dotted with grazing animals.

Around Kiyosato Station (Koumi Line), fashionable restaurants, coffee shops, and modern guesthouses called pensions have been built one after another. Kiyosato offers a full variety of skiing, horseback riding, and other sports facilities as well as numerous spa facilities. Since the area is dotted with many museums, it has also become famous as a cultural district. Kiyosato is one of the most popular resorts in Japan and flourishes with young visitors from all over Japan on holidays.

Dr. Paul Rush, an American who visited Japan in 1925, built the foundation of the present Kiyosato. He developed Kiyosato as an agricultural community. His study and accommodation center still remains as Seisen-ryo and is noted for its red peaked roof. Visitors can enjoy the great outdoors in the vast grazing fields that surround Seisen-ryo to their heart's content. Kiyosato is also a sanctuary for wild birds, and visitors can watch various kinds of Japanese birds here.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 2h 30 min from Shinjuku (Tokyo) via Kobuchizawa to Kiyosato Station by JR Chuo Line (limited express).

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