Ashikaga Area

Tochigi, Kanto

Treat yourself with breathtakingly beautiful flowers and outlet shopping: the south are of the prefecture proudly offers the best one-day trip from Tokyo.

Ashikaga, the southwest most city of Tochigi Prefecure, is blessed with rich nature such as Watarase River and mountain range. It also has great history and culture symbolized with Ashikaga Gakko Bannaji Temple.

The city lies 80 kilomiters away to the north of Tokyo. There's no need to change trauns if you ride at Asakusa or Tokyo-Skytree Station. Its easy access to the city enables a day trip from the metropolitan area.

Located in the east-end of the city, Ashikaga Flower Park boasts what is famous for a wide variety of flowers enjoyed in every season in its own way.
In spring, you can appriciate the breathtaking beauty and splendor with more than 350 wisteria shurubberies including four Big-Wisteria bushes gloriously in full bloom, especially during April and May.
In winter, the garden has numerous LED bulbs shaping various objects of illuminations.

Francis Xavier, a Spanish missionary, described Ashikaga Gakko(School) as Japanese largest and most famous college in Bando, today's Kanto region. At its peak, more than 3,000 students gathered to study from all over the country.

The main hall of Bannaji Temple was built on the site of its original house of the Ashikaga family about 700 years ago.
With its unique architecture, which can be hardly found throughout the country, the temple has been designated as national treasure.

If you go toward east from Ashikaga, both Sano, the home to Sano ramen noodles and outlet shopping mall, and Tochigi, an old merchant city, will surely add to satisfaction of your trip.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] Oyama Station can be reached in 45 minutes fron Tokyo Station by the JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line. From there, Ashikaga Station can be reached in 40 minutes by the JR Ryomo Line.
From Narita Airport:
[Bus] 2h 40min from Narita Airport to Ashikaga-shi Station on Tobu Isesaki Line by the direct bus "Salvia-go"

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