Miyako-jima Island

Okinawa, Kyushu

Coral reefs, varying styles and sizes of rocks, and milky-white beaches. Transparent water makes diving and other marine sports popular.

Miyako-jima Island is situated in the Pacific Ocean about 300 kilometers to the southwest of Okinawa Main Island. One of Okinawa Prefecture's main islands, it is flat like a low plateau and much of the arable land is used for sugarcane fields. The coastline differs in each area on the island, combining rich nature, white beaches, transparent waters and coral reefs, which has helped make the island well known for its many great diving spots. You can find beautiful beaches and enjoy marine sports anywhere on the island.

The All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima, which is held in each April, is a popular race known for the beautiful scenery along its course and the enthusiastic cheers of the spectators. Many athletes from Japan, as well as from overseas, participate.

Varying types of accommodation are available on the island, such as large resort hotels, business hotels, pensions and guesthouses. Feel the pleasant breeze from the cobalt blue sea while playing golf on courses in a variety of locations.

There are seven islets around the island. Three of them, Ikema-jima, Kurima-jima, and Irabu-jima are connected with a long bridge, and you can reach them by rental car or bike. Cape Irihen'na, projecting from the northern tip of the island, commands a vast view of Ikema-jima Island to the north, Irabu-jima Island to the west, and coral reefs below. At the east end of the island is Cape Agarihen'na, two kilometers long and 200 meters wide, where you can enjoy a wonderful sight of mysterious rocks standing in a row in the coral reef sea. Beautiful beaches such as Yonaha-maehama and Sunayama, with their milky white shores, are great for swimming and are just some of the many charming points of Miyako-jima Island.
There are many tourist attractions scattered across Yonaha-maehama, such as the theme park Ueno German Culture Village, based on the city of Stade, Germany in commemoration of the exchanges between Germany and Miyako-jima Island. There are many historic sites, sacred places called "Utaki" and places of worship as well.


From Tokyo:
[Air] 3h from Haneda Airport to Miyako Airport.
From Osaka:
[Air] 3h 30 min from Kansai International Airport to Miyako Airport.
45 min from Naha to Miyako Airport.

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