Taketa Area

Oita, Kyushu

Explore natural riches in Taketa where people live in harmony with nature

Looking for something different from artificial tourist attractions? Would you fancy breathing deep in lush greenery? Then Taketa must be your destination.

Taketa is abundant in amazing landscapes. Kuju highland is breathtakingly beautiful especially when you go off the main roads. Find your favourite vista as you drive along a winding country road. If you prefer moving on your feet, climb the Mt. Kuju to see the Miyama Kirishima (pink azaleas – rare species) that bloom in late May – early June. It will surely be rewarding. Alternatively, hiking in the fall to see gorgeous autumn tints is also a good choice.

Taketa is also rich in natural spring water which is utilised for farming Enoha (a trout family) and for production of delicious Tofu (bean curd) and the bean sprouts. Forerunners were appreciative of natural blessings and generations of people have taken good care of the springs in the area till now. Thanks to the forerunners, spring water is everywhere in Taketa and it has become a trademark of the city.

Another symbol of the city is Oka castle ruins. The castle was once known as “impenetrable”, however the main structures were torn down due to the Meiji restoration. Its grand stone walls which still stand there were built with astonishing technique, making the castle ruins outstanding up to today.

To the north of the city is Nagayu hot spring. Its carbonated hot spring is unrivalled in quality in Japan. It improves blood circulation while drinking hot spring help condition digestive organs.

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