Miura-hanto Peninsula Area

Kanagawa, Kanto

Close to large cities, the natural beauty of the sea is prominent. Popular spot for marine sports, located close to Tokyo.

The Miura-hanto Peninsula is in the southeastern part of Kanagawa and protrudes into the sea between Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay. The climate is rather mild due to the Japan Current. Large cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kawasaki are close by, and the peninsula is a very convenient and popular leisure spot for water sports.

In the north of the peninsula is Kamakura City, which was once the capital of Japan and the city of samurai in the 13th century. There is also Zushi Beach. This is a calm beach with gentle waves, and it attracts many visitors in summer. Yokosuka, in the central part of the peninsula, is always associated with the U.S. military base in the area and is a popular town that attracts young people to its exotic atmosphere.

Kannon-zaki Point, in the southern part of the Miura-hanto Peninsula, is well-known for Japan's first Western-style lighthouse that still watches over ships that come in and go out of Tokyo Bay. Aburatsubo is another place to visit in the south of the peninsula. It is situated along a beautiful coastline, and Aburatsubo Marine Park is a particularly popular place where dolphins and seals amuse spectators with their wonderful performances. Misaki Harbor is a very busy harbor that is especially good for tuna fishing, and the sight of a fisherman landing a whole tuna in the harbor is exciting. The panoramic view from Misaki Harbor is splendid with Jo-ga-shima Island close by in the Sea of Sagami. There is abundant nature on the island, and its beauty was described in a poem by Hakushu Kitahara, a famous poet since the early 20th century.

Come to the Miura-hanto Peninsula. A beautiful coastline, attractive places to visit, not to mention gorgeous fish cuisine-the Miura-hanto Peninsula is surely the land of plenty.

Around the Miura-hanto Peninsula Area