Mt. Akagi-yama Area

Gumma, Kanto

Spectacular region for observing nature. A crater lake near the mountaintop adds to the outdoor recreational choices.

Part of the "Jomo-Sanzan (Three Famous Mountains in Gunma)," Mt. Akagi-yama is located in the center of Gunma. The inside area of the outer rim of the mountain is designated as Akagi Prefectural Park. Near the mountaintop, between the central crater and outer rim, is a crater lake called Lake O-numa.

At Lake O-numa, visitors can enjoy camping, fishing and boating during the summer, and in winter they can bore holes in the frozen surface of the lake and fish for lake smelts through the ice. Around the month of May, you can marvel at the blossoming of the flowers of "Mizubasho (skunk cabbage)," a rare plant that grows in swamps, irises, and "Nikko-kisuge(yellow day lily)." Visitors can enjoy a 4-kilometer hiking course around Lake O-numa

Besides Akagi Prefectural Park, Mt. Akagi-yama holds leisure facilities such as Gunma Flower Park. The area also boasts several spectacular waterfalls such as the 32-meter-high Fudo-Otaki, Otome-no-taki, and Asahi-no-taki, all with nearby onsen facilities where bathers can relax on one-day trips.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 50 min from Tokyo to Takasaki Station by JR Joetsu/Hokuriku Shinkansen, and 15 min from Takasaki to Maebashi Station by JR Ryomo Line. From Maebashi Station, 70 min to Mt. Akagi-yama by bus.

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