Lake Inawashiro Area

Fukushima, Tohoku

See verdure and wild birds in spring, enjoy summers with swimming and water sports, beautiful autumn foliage, and swans and winter sports in the winter.

Lake Inawashiro-ko, located almost in the center of Fukushima Prefecture, is the main entrance to Bandai-Asahi National Park. It is the fourth largest lake in Japan, and is also called Lake Tenkyo-ko, or heaven's mirror lake, because its surface reflects the shape of Mt. Bandai-san like a heavenly mirror. Around Nagahama on the northern shore, you can enjoy nature's beauty from season to season: spring with its verdure and wild birds; camping, water skiing, boardsailing, and lake bathing in summer; in autumn the scarlet-tinged leaves; and try winter sports and watch migrating swans in the wintertime. It is frequented by visitors all the year round.

The world renowned Dr. Hideyo Noguchi (1876-1928), famous for his research into yellow fever and whose portrait is depicted on the 1,000-yen note, was born in Inawashiro, and in his parents' home has been preserved as the Noguchi Hideyo Memorial Hall, where many of his favorite items and letters are displayed. In the neighboring area are the Aizu Folklore Museum, introducing the life and culture of the Aizu district, Sekai-no-garasu-kan (the World's Glass Hall) and the Inawashiro Jibiru-kan (locally brewed beer hall), where you can drink beer brewed using the pure underground water from Mt. Bandai-san, and also enjoy authentic Italian dishes.

At the foot of Mt. Bandai-san, along the Inawashiro lakeside, is a group of hot springs, including Tenkyo-dai, Omote-Bandai, Ottate and Bandai Inawashiro-Hayama, from which you can enjoy an expansive bird's eye view of beautiful Lake Inawashiro-ko.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 1h 20 min to Koriyama Station by JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line, and 40 min from Koriyama to Inawashiro Station JR Ban'etsu-saisen Line (rapid service).

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