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Chiba, Kanto

Easy to enjoy Japan's nature, history, lifestyle and culture in the area around the Narita International Airport.

Visitors who come from other parts of the world by air usually take their first step onto Japanese soil in Narita City, where the Narita International Airport is located. The city has another important role; besides being a gateway to Japan, it is the temple town of Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple which attracts more than 13 million worshippers a year. Shinsho-ji Temple has always a time-honored place of worship since it was erected in 940. There are many Buddhist statues in towers that are characteristic of the mid-Edo Period in the 18th century. In early summer, the Narita Gion-matsuri Festival is held. Goshintai, or the Shinto object of worship, on a 'mikoshi' (portable shrine) and many decorated floats and carts parade through the city. It is an exciting sight to watch. In spring, the temple hosts the drum festival, which is the largest held in the Kanto region, with 200 drummers gathering to perform.

The Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura is a museum where the residences of merchants, samurais, and farmers, who lived in Boso from the late Edo Period to the Meiji Era, are reproduced with the scenery and environment of those days. At the museum, you can learn the traditional skills and lifestyles of the village by directly experiencing them yourselves, as well as from the displays.

At neighboring Sawara, the town that still preserves the atmosphere of the Edo Period is called "Ko (small) -Edo Sawara." There are a number of stores that keep business from the Edo Period. Walking fans will definitely love this town, as they can find classic streets and shop arcades once they step onto the byways. A number of new shops, utilizing the old buildings, are also there to welcome you.

Sakura City, where the former samurai residences stand in a row, is home to the National Museum of Japanese History, which exhibits Japanese history from primitive and ancient ages to the modern age, as well as the world of folklore. Shibayama Town has the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences, where you can enjoy learning about the transitional changes that have occurred in Japan's aeronautic technology.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 1h 10 min from Tokyo to Narita Station by JR Sobu Line or JR Narita Line (rapid service).

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