Mt. Kano-zan Area

Chiba, Kanto

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Tokyo Bay from the top of Mt. Kano-zan. The sheer mountain surface resembles the edge of a saw.

Mt. Kano-zan, located at the western end of the Boso-hanto Peninsula in the central part of Chiba, belongs to Minami-Boso Quasi-National Park. From its observatory 380 meters high above the sea level, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay.

The Mother Bokujo (ranch) that has various facilities such as orchards, fields and an animal farm for tourists, and an amusement park is near the mountaintop.

Mt. Nokogiri-yama is 330 meters above sea level. It has a mountain surface that resembles the edge of a saw, or 'nokogiri,' from which its name derives. The whole mountain is in the precinct of Nihon-ji Temple, which is at the top and accessible by ropeway. The Daibutsu (Great Buddha), Sen-gohyaku-rakan (1,500 disciples of Buddha), and Jigoku-Nozoki (peering into hell) cliffs are key spots to visit.


From Tokyo:
To Mt. Kano-zan:
1h 15 min from Tokyo to Sanuki-machi Station by JR Keiyo-Uchibo Line (limited express), and 30 min from Sanuki-machi Station to Kano-zan (the final stop) by bus.
To Nokogiri-yama:
1h 30 min from Tokyo to Hamakanaya Station by JR Line (limited express).

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