Relaxing in an isolated hot spring bath

Kofu Area

"Lord Shingen's Hidden Hot Springs" are legendary hot springs said to have been discovered by the famous seventeenth-century warlord Shingen Takeda while taking control over gold mines. There are many such hidden hot springs in Yamanashi, which Lord Shingen chose for his stronghold. Enjoy a trip filled with variety while relaxing in a bath and admiring the flowery summer mountains.

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Day 1 - Enzan

Tokyo -- <JR Chuo Line (15 mins.)> -- Shinjuku -- <JR Chuo Main Line Limited Express (90 mins.)> -- Enzan -- <10 mins. by walk> -- Erinji-mae -- [Erin-ji Temple] -- <by walk> -- [Hoko-ji Temple] -- <by walk> -- -Erinji-mae -- <10 mins. by walk> -- Enzan -- <JR Chuo Main Line (35 mins.)> -- Nirasaki -- <50 mins. by bus> -- [Masutomi-onsen Hot Spring]

*The times required with public transportation are approximate.

Erin-ji Temple

Established in 1330 by the Zen Buddhist high priest, Soseki Muso. Soseki Muso was also a famous garden designer, and Erin-ji Temple is his masterpiece. It is also known as the temple where Shingen Takeda converted to Zen Buddhism.

Hoko-ji Temple

Masutomi-onsen Hot Spring

Masutomi-onsen Hot Spring is a quiet resort in the mountains and one of Lord Shingen’s hidden hot springs. There are many hot spring treatment plans here as the temperature of the water is moderate and perfect for taking slow fifteen- to thirty-minute baths. It is also known for having been visited by many painters and literary figures such as the famous haiku poet Kyoshi Takahama.

Hoto Noodles

A type of stewed udon noodles, where wheat flour noodles are cut into wide strips and boiled with miso and locally-grown seasonal vegetables. A famous Yamanashi dish and a favorite among the people of the prefecture.

Day 2 - Nirasaki

Masutomi-onsen -- <50 mins. by bus> -- Nirasaki -- <20 mins. by bus> -- Amari-yama Iriguchi -- [Mt. Amari-yama] -- Amari-yama Iriguchi -- <20 mins. by bus> -- Nirasaki -- <10 mins. by walk> -- [Hakusan-onsen Hot Spring] -- <10 mins. by walk> -- Nirasaki -- <JR Chuo Main Line 15 mins.> -- Kofu -- <JR Chuo Main Line Limited Express 85 mins.> -- Shinjuku -- <JR Chuo Line 15 mins.> -- Tokyo

Mt. Amari-yama

The Japanese azaleas that bloom in June are spectacular. It is famous for the summer flowers that grow here, including the irises and rosebays. Although the altitude is 1,731 meters, the approach is relatively easy to climb and the area is crowded during the hiking season. On clear days, you can get a great view of Mount Fuji.

Hakusan-onsen Hot Spring