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Enoshima-jinja Shrine


Visit three Enoshima Shrines to walk around the island

Situated in Enoshima Island, the shrine has been popular from long ago as a place for casual enjoyment of scenic beauty with relatively easy access from Tokyo.

Three shrines, Hetsunomiya, Nakatsunomiya and Okutsunomiya, in the island are collectively called Enoshima Jinja. It is said that they originate from a shrine built in a cave in the south of Enoshima in 552.

Today visitors go over Enoshima Benten-bashi bridge but originally the island was connected to the mainland when the tide was low. Walk 20 minutes up a slope from a bronze torii gate and you will see the grounds at the end of the slope. Taking Enoshima Escar on the way and changing escalators are an easier way to reach the top.

Enoshima jinja consists of three shrines. The first shrine to greet visitors is Hetsunomiya that was established in 1206, reconstructed in 1675 and renovated in 1976. Hadaka Benten (naked Saraswati, goddess of music) is here. Walk 3 minutes deeper and you will reach the vivid red building of Nakatsunomiya founded in 853. A further 12-minute walk will lead to Okutsunomiya that used to be Saraswati shrine. The building was lost in 1841 and reconstructed on the following year.

Visiting the three Enoshima shrines is practically strolling around the Enoshima Island. If time allows, it will be fun to enjoy the view from a lighthouse. Another course to enjoy Enoshima is to walk to Iwaya cave and take "Enoshima Bentenmaru," passanger boat, from there to the entrance of the island, taking in the view of the sea. It will take over 2 hours to visit Enoshima jinja and explore the island. You can spend quality time satisfying your curiosity.


Address: 2-3-8 Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa
Phone: 0466-22-4020
Hours open to visitors: 8:30-17:00
Admission Fee: free (150 yen for Hoanden of Hetsunomiya)
Closed: None
Directions: By train: 20 minutes by foot from Odakyu Dentetsu Katase-Enoshima Station (one hour from Shinjuku) to Hetsunomiya
By car: 30 minutes from Totsuka Entrance on the Yokohama Shindo (bypass)

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