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3-Day Model Trip Day2


3-Day Model Trip Day2 / Tokai / Toba - Shima-Supein-mura Park - Kashiko-jima Island

After getting into a mysterious mood visiting Ise-jingu Shrine on the first day, we are changing completely today, and will get absorbed in theme parks. Toba is a tourist center that grew up in old times as a place for people to stay when visiting Ise-jingu. It is blessed by a calm sea, and also contains theme parks there.

First we have come to a theme park for pearls, an object of desire for many women - Mikimoto Shinju(Pearl) Island. Pearls are known as one of Japan's specialty products, and the first time in the world that pearls were successfully cultivated was here - Mikimoto Pearl Island - in 1893. At the island's Pearl Museum there are exhibitions and demonstrations about pearls, so you can learn just about anything to do with pearls. You can also see the cultivation process and selection, and the work needed to make a necklace. It's surprising just how many different colors and shapes pearls come in, including types that you would not have thought existed. There are also accessories and works of art using pearls that have historic value - in fact, enough exhibits to make you sigh. Pearl products and souvenirs are also on sale at the island's Pearl Plaza.

Now you have enjoyed the beauty of pearls, it is time to go to Toba Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world. The aquarium contains reconstructions of 11 sea and river themes, including the "Ise Shima Sea" and "The Ancient Sea", and you can see 850 kinds of living creatures. When you walk in from the entrance hall, you will immediately see "The Coral Reef Diving", a water tank stretching over the whole wall and up to the ceiling. There you will be surrounded by colorful fish, and feel, just as the name implies, as if you were diving in a coral sea. At "The Ise Shima Sea and the Japanese Sea", you will see the kind of creatures that live in Ise Bay, right in front of the aquarium. The world's smallest whale is in this zone. The two most popular items in the aquarium are the sea otter in "The Polar Sea", and the dugong in "The Mermaid Sea". They are so charming that I couldn't drag myself away from the tank. Attractions including the scheduled sea lion performances are popular with children.

From here, we will go by bus to the Shima-Spain-mura (Shima Spanish Village). The bus goes along a toll road with good views called the Pearl Road, and you can quietly enjoy Shima-hanto Peninsula's calm sea and mountain scenery. So the one-hour bus trip will not be at all unpleasant.

Shima- Spain -mura is, as the name implies, a theme park with a Spanish motif. As well as thrilling rides, it is packed with fun attractions such as parades and shows. The joy of Shima- Spain -mura is that as well as things like rides, there are also lots of attractions in which people perform. One of these, the scheduled Espana Carnival parade, features performances with gorgeous costumes and large parade cars, and visitors cannot help but be drawn in. Also, the popular Lost Legends is a live show using fire and water on a large scale: the explosions right before your eyes give it great intensity. There are various characters in animal costumes throughout the park, and they play with children and take souvenir photographs. In spring 2001 a natural spa facility will open with an outdoor hot spring bath and sauna, so there will be even more ways for people to enjoy themselves. There are lots of restaurants and cafes in the park, as well as shops selling character goods. So as well as the attractions available, you can enjoy eating and shopping.

Now you have tired yourselves out enjoying theme parks, it is time to go to Kashiko-jima Island, where we will spend the night.