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Walking the futuristic streets of the port town of Yokohama

1Day Departure from Tokyo

The port of Yokohama is the greatest example of Japan's trading ports, and the unique look of the town lends considerable charm to the area. But there is also an exciting atmosphere as new businesses along with shopping and entertainment centers are constructed one after another around the port.

Japan closed its doors to world trade in the 17th century, and it was not until the end of the 19th century that the country opened its doors again, starting with the port of Yokohama. People arriving from overseas put down roots in Yokohama as an enclave for foreign residents and much of the overseas culture first came to Japan via Yokohama.

After the Second World War, 90% of the port facilities and 27% of the urban area were taken over by the Allied Command. Reconstruction of the city was delayed, but by rapidly absorbing overseas culture, a new youth culture was born around jazz, rock music and movies.

Enjoy the many sightseeing spots, old and new, based on the fascinating history of this port.

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Tokyo -- <JR Tokaido Line 25 mins.> -- Yokohama -- <Minato Mirai Line 3 mins.> -- Minatomirai -- [Minato Mirai 21] [the Landmark Tower] -- <10 mins. by walk> -- [Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse] -- [Yamashita Rinko Line Promenade] -- [Yokohama Kaiko Shiryokan (Yokohama Archives of History)] -- <by walk> -- Nihon-odori Sta. kencho-mae -- <20 mins. by bus> -- Honmoku Sankei-en-mae -- 3 mins. by walk -- Sankei-en Garden -- Honmoku Sankei-en-mae -- bus -- Chukagai Iriguchi Cruise around the Port of Yokohama -- 3 mins. by walk -- Motomachi-Chukagai Dining in Chuka-gai (Yokohama China Town) -- [Motomachi-Chukagai] -- <Minato Mirai Line 7 mins.> -- Yokohama -- <JR Tokaido Line 25 mins.> -- Tokyo

Minato Mirai 21, the Landmark Tower

The Landmark Tower is a the skyscraper of Minato Mirai 21. You can enjoy a thrilling 360° panoramic view at the Sky Garden of the Landmark Tower. There is also a cafe and souvenir shops. Shopping and entertainment facilities as well as gourmet spots are all gathered here, and about 210 shops including restaurants can be found in Queen's Square Yokohama.

This protected building is about 100 years old and contains restaurants, a jazz club and a gallery. Various events are held here utilizing its wonderful atmosphere.

Yokohama Kaiko Shiryokan (Yokohama Archives of History)

You can learn about the history of Yokohama here. This building was constructed in 1931 and was later used as the British consulate. The inner court was where the Anglo-Japanese Friendship Treaty was signed, prompting Japan to open its doors to the world.

Sankei-en Garden

This is an extensive Japanese garden that opened about 100 years ago and covers an area of 175,000 square meters. Some of its buildings have been painstakingly moved from Kyoto and Kamakura and 10 of them are designated as important cultural assets.

Cruise around the Port of Yokohama

Enjoy a marine cruise on the Marine Shuttle or Marine Rouge. There is a trip that includes a meal, but you can also just take the cruise. You can choose the length of cruise you want, from 40 minutes to 120 minutes. We recommend a twilight cruise for the exceptionally beautiful scenery when Yokohama Bay Bridge is lit up.

Dining in Yokohama Chinatown(Chukagai)

There are a lot of fun things to do including visiting the Kaibyotei dedicated to a Chinese warlord of 1800 years ago or the Yokohama Daisekai (DASKA) Chinese theme park, or go shopping at the many different shops.

Yokohama is also a lively music town. If you have time till late at night, drop in at one of the wonderful jazz clubs.


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