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Visiting Izumo, the Land of the Gods

1night,2days Departure from Osaka

Izumo is the setting for many Japanese myths and is even referred to as the "Land of the Gods". It is said that Izumo dates back to before the beginning of the history of Japan. There are walking courses that let you fully enjoy Izumo with sights along the way including Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine, which is popular for prayers of romance, and other spots such as history museums and Inasa Beach, which was the setting for several ancient myths. Ponder on the era of the gods while enjoying Izumo's scenery and natural environment.

  • 1night,2days



Shin-Osaka -- <JR Sanyo Shinkansen 45 mins.> -- Okayama -- <JR Yakumo 190 mins.> -- Izumo City / Dentetsu Izumoshi -- <Ichibata Electric Railway 20 mins.> -- Unshu Hirata -- <25 mins. by bus> -- [Gakuen-ji Temple] -- <25 mins. by bus> -- Unshu Hirata -- <Ichibata Electric Railway (25 mins.)> -- Izumo Taisha-mae -- <15 mins. by walk> -- [Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine] [Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo] -- <10 mins. by walk> -- Seimon-mae -- <10 mins. by bus> -- [Former Taisha Station] -- <7 mins. by walk> -- Izumo Taisha-mae

*The times required with public transportation are approximate.

Gakuen-ji Temple

It has been widely known as a sacred spot in Shugendo Buddhism since ancient times. The grounds have a dignified atmosphere and unique sense of serenity that seems to envelop you in nature. On the premises is a waterfall in a mystic atmosphere, where Benkei Musashibo is said to have trained.

Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine

In ancient Japan, it was believed that the "Yaoyorozu-no-Kami (8 million deities)" resided in Shinrabansho (all things in nature, the whole creation). Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine holds major festivals every October to greet the deities that gather here once a year.

The great enclosing shimenawa rope at the main hall, which is a specified national treasure, is 13 meters in length and 4.5 tons in weight, and an overwhelming sight when seen from up close. Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine is said to provide luck in finding romance as it is the place where the deities bring people together.

Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo

A history museum centering on Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine that displays exhibits on ancient Izumo. There is also a corner that explains myths through easy-to-understand imagery.

Former Taisha Station

A station on the former Japan National Railway that was in service until 1990. The station building, which was renovated in 1924, is said to be a masterpiece of Japanese-style station buildings. The "D51", which is a representative steam locomotive of Japan, is also on display here.

Izumo Soba Noodles

Izumo, which is said to be the only place where the deities from all across Japan gather at once, is surrounded by soba noodle stands on these special days, and these stands have been very popular with visitors since long ago. Izumo soba noodles are characterized by their darker color and stronger flavor than normal soba noodles in Japan. Please be sure to try a serving while enjoying a trip through this mystic town.


1st Day



Izumo Taisha-mae -- <23 mins. by walk> -- [Inasa Beach] -- <23 mins. by walk> -- Izumo Taisha-mae -- <20 mins. by bus> -- Hinomisaki [Hinomisaki-jinja Shrine] -- <15 mins. by walk> -- [Hinomisaki Lighthouse] -- <25 mins. by bus> -- Izumo Taisha-mae -- <Ichibata Electric Railway 25 mins.> -- Dentetsu Izumoshi / Izumo City -- <JR Yakumo 190 mins.> -- Okayama -- <Sanyo Shinkansen 45 mins.> -- Shin-Osaka

Inasa Beach

Inasa Beach is said that this is the place where the deities of Izumo and the deities of the heavens come to meet. It is also the place where the deities land on their way to Izumo-taisha Shrine. It is a beautiful beach that has been selected among the hundred best beaches in Japan and can be walked across to reach Bentenjima Island in the photo.

Hinomisaki-jinja Shrine

It consists of the "Upper Shrine" and the "Sunset Shrine", and is dedicated to two deities that appear in Japanese myths. The current structure was built about 380 years ago and the vermilion-lacquered shrine pavilion is beautiful.

Hinomisaki Lighthouse

The tallest lighthouse in Japan and made of stone. It is one of the hundred most beautiful lighthouses in the world and listed as one of the fifty most beautiful lighthouses in Japan.


A habitat of the rare black-tailed gull, located on the western side of Hinomisaki. The magnificent evening view of the sky and ocean is definitely one of the sights you must see.


2nd Day

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