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Oki Area隠岐エリア


An irregular coastline and uniquely shaped rocks. 184 islands of various sizes add to the beauty of the bay.

Oki is the generic term for an archipelago consisting of 184 islands of various sizes within the Daisen-Oki National Park, off the northern coast of Shimane on the Japan Sea side. It is a tourist spot with Do-zen, made up of Nishi-no-shima, Naka-no-shima and Chiburi-jima Islands, and Do-go that lies northeast from Do-zen, as its core.

Do-zen has many scenic spots. They include uniquely shaped rocks such as a 257-meter-high Matengai on Kuniga-kaigan Coast on Nishi-no-shima Island and Tsuten-bashi and many caves, as well as wall-like rocks on the eastern coast of Naka-no-shima Island and Akiya Beach in Ama, and Chiburi Island's 1-kilometer long cliff eroded by the sea. There are shrines that worship guardian deities of fishery and the sea, Yurahime-jinja Shrine and Takuhi-jinja Shrine, and you can also watch the sea under the surface on board a semi-submerged tour boat with an observation room below deck.

Do-go has many scenic spots including uniquely shaped rocks such as Tokage-iwa (lizard rock), Ro-soku-iwa that looks as if rosoku, or a candle, is sticking up from the sea, Shira-shima-kaigan Coast and Dankyo-no-taki Falls. It also has historical remains such as Oki Kokubun-ji Temple and Mizuwakasu-jinja Shrine.


From Tokyo :
[Air] Three hours 45 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Oki Airport via Osaka Itami Airport. An hour 10 minutes from Osaka Itami Airport to Oki Airport. Thirty minutes from Izumo Airport.

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