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Kyobashi / Sakura-no-miya京橋・桜之宮

Osaka Business Park abounds with towering skyscrapers. Sakura-no-miya-koen Park is perfect for viewing cherry blossoms.

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Osaka Business Park abounds with towering skyscrapers. Sakura-no-miya-koen Park is perfect for viewing cherry blossoms.

Located between Miyakojima-ku and Chuo-ku, Kyobashi area is known to be the most entertaining quarter of Osaka. Kyobashi Station is a big junction that connects the JR Line, the Keihan Line and the subway, and the waves of people never seem to cease in this busy station.
Across Neya-gawa River on the Chuo-ku side is Osaka Business Park, or OBP. Skyscrapers stand side by side in the triangular OBP site, and major company showrooms and many entertainment facilities such as restaurants and the Digital Art Square are gathered here. Osaka Castle, the symbol of Osaka, is nearby, and in the evening, the beautifully lighted castle may be seen from the view spot on the 38th floor.

In the north of Osaka Castle, there is Sakura-no-miya-koen Park at Sakura-no-miya on the east bank of Okawa River. It has had a reputation for beautiful cherry blossoms since ancient times. The narrow park is made along the dike with a promenade on each side of the river, where many people stroll and enjoy the beautiful view.

On the west bank of O-kawa River is the Osaka Zohei(Mint) Museum. This western style building is 100 years old and its collection of coins and decorations of Japan and other countries has more than 4,500 items on exhibition. The 450 cherry trees in the area make an arcade of cherry blossoms and attract a great number of people in the springtime.

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1h 15 min from Kansai Airport to Kyobashi Station by JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service.


From Tokyo Station, 2 hours 30 minutes by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line to Shin-Osaka Station.


To Kyobashi, take JR Osaka-kanjo-sen Line from Osaka Station, 7 minutes to Kyobashi Station.


To Sakura-no-miya, take JR Osaka-kanjo Line from Osaka Station, 4 minutes to Sakura-no-miya Station.