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A beach that has a long, straight coastline with no reefs. Confirm the Earth is round from the observatory.

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A beach that has a long, straight coastline with no reefs. Confirm the Earth is round from the observatory.

The Kujukuri-hama Beach is a 66-kilometer-long coastline that stretches from Cape Gyobu (in Iioka Town to the south of Choshi City) to Cape Daito (in Misaki Town), and faces the magnificent Pacific Ocean. The Kujukuri-hama Beach has a long, straight coastline, which is rare in Japan, where most of the coastlines are irregular. There are no reefs, so it offers wonderful opportunities for swimming in the sea, as well as surfing and other marine sports. Recreational activities, such as resort fishing, are other opportunities to enjoy on days spent at the beach.

At the northern end of the Kujukuri-hama Beach is Cape Inubo-saki, the easternmost peninsula in the Kanto region. Cape Inubo-saki is a 20-meter-high marine abrasion platform. A promenade stretches along the rocky beach, where you can enjoy the sight of rough waves and feel the dynamic blasts of wind directly off the ocean.

Around Cape Inubo-saki, there is a chalky lighthouse built in 1874, "Chikyu-no-maruku-mieru-oka," the observation platform of the Earth, from which you can see the arched horizon, and also the Togawa fishing port where you can board a dolphin-watching boat from spring to fall. To the west of Cape Inubo-saki, at the southern coast of the Choshi-hanto Peninsula, there is the cliff Byobu-ga-ura, called the Dover of the Orient. It is an awesome scenic sight of 10-kilometer-long sheer precipices with heights of 40 to 50 meters.

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1h 50 min from Tokyo to Choshi Station by JR Sobu Line (limited express), and 20 min from Choshi to Inubo-saki Station by Choshi Line.


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