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Lake Tazawa Area田沢湖エリア


The sapphire-blue lake is astonishingly beautiful and mirrors everything around it. You can have the most relaxing time at some leisure spots all year round.

Lake Tazawa is a crater lake situated near the center of eastern region of Akita
Prefecture. It is the deepest lake in Japan, whose depth is of 423.4 meters and shape is almost perfectly circle. The lake exudes a mysterious atmosphere, being filled with sapphire-blue water. The color changes from jade green to indigo blue, depending on the season and the depth of light that penetrates the water. It is a sure attraction for visitors at anytime of the year.

Take a scenic bus trip around the lake and enjoy views from different spots. On the western shore, there is a golden statue of Tatsuko, a legendary princess who was transformed into a dragon, for she wished for the eternal beauty. On the northern shore, there is Goza-no-ishi Shrine, known for the strikingly beautiful red gate and the spiritual atmosphere. Take a pleasure boat departing from two locations to see around
the lake.

Hotels and rest houses are scattered around the lake. In summer, the area is popular for water sports such as sail-boating and jet-skiing. Many outdoor leisure spots like a ski area and camping sites are close by.

Additionally, you can visit Nyuto Onsen Village at the foot of Mt. Nyuto-zan, deep in the Tazawako Plateau. The village proudly presents hot-spring inns and numerous secluded spots - a perfect place for relaxation in hot water or enjoy the peace and quietness in the nature.


From Tokyo :
[Rail] 3hrs from Tokyo to Tazawako Station by JR Akita Shinkansen Line,and 15 min from the station to Tazawa-kohan stop by a bus.

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