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Nyuto-onsen-kyo Hot Springs Village (Senboku City)乳頭温泉郷

Co-existing with an overflowing abundance of nature. A famous hot spring area along the valley that is known for its mysterious atmosphere.

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Co-existing with an overflowing abundance of nature. A famous hot spring area along the valley that is known for its mysterious atmosphere.

Located in the Tohoku region of Honshu, the area presents beauty throughout the four seasons. There are seven hot spring inns scattered around the western foothills of Mt. Nyuto-zan in Towada Hachimantai National Park, which is known its beautiful Japanese scenery. Nyuto Onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village spreads over a large area, blessed with natural hot spring waters that flow out from deep underneath the virgin beech forest over the valley. Even today, you will find inns that were visited by feudal lords seeking hot-spring cures more than 350 years ago, making it seem as though you have slipped back in time.
Each of these seven hot spring inns has its own spring sources. They are secluded from one another and have open-air baths. Located deep in the mountains, it feels as though you are far removed from the rest of the world.

One example is Tsurunoyu Onsen Hot Spring, known for its cloudy (“milk-like”) waters that offer various benefits. Water from one of the sources, shiro-yu, is drinkable. In addition, the other hot spring inns, each features a unique characteristic: Taenoyu with “golden water” and “silver water”(colorless and transparent); Ganiba Onsen surrounded by virgin forests; Magoroku Onsen with its timeless atmosphere; Kuroyu Onsen with its cloudy water that reflect the light of lamps; Kyukamura Nyuto Onsen-kyo with more modern facilities.
After a comfortable soak in the hot spring, you will enjoy the delicious local cuisine as well: “Yama-no-imo Nabe” (grated yam cooked in a hot pot) and “Sansai Ryori” (dishes with wild delicacies) are Tazawako’s local specialties. Also, be sure to try local dishes with iwana , or a Japanese char.


2 h 58 min from Tokyo or Ueno to Tazawako Station by JR Akita Shinkansen “Komachi” and 45 min from Tazawako Station to Nyuto Onsen-kyo by bus.


From Akita Airport, it takes 2h to Nyuto-onsen by Akita Airport Liner (shared jumbo taxi, a reservation is required). Reservation is required.