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Aichi 愛知県

Place To Go

Located in the center of Japan, Aichi is a base for flourishing industries, art and culture, and is also blessed with the beauty of nature.

Aichi is situated in the center of Japan and is roughly divided into a mountainous, hilly area and a plain. It has been a pivotal point for traffic between western and eastern Japan, and has flourished as a base for industries for centuries. The major industries of the prefecture are the ceramics in Seto and Tokoname, the automobile manufacturing in Toyota, and the woolen textile industry in Ichinomiya.
The City of Nagoya is the center of politics, economics and culture of Aichi Prefecture. The city has Nagoya Castle, noted for the golden  pair of “shachis”, or the imaginary animals like fish with the head of the tiger, on top of the roof, and Atsuta Jingu Shrine with a history of 1,900 years. A national treasure, Inuyama Castle, stands in Inuyama City 30 minutes away from Nagoya by train.
You can explore many wonderful sightseeing spots in Aichi. Above all, the popular destinations for tourists are, for example, Mikawa Bay Quasi-National Park, Hida-Kiso River Quasi-National Park, Tenryu-Okumikawa Quasi-National Park,Aichi Kogen Quasi-National Park, Atsumi-hanto Peninsula Prefectural Park, the Korankei Valley and the Gamagori and the Minamichita Hot Spring resorts.
We also have various peculiar festivals. The most famous ones are the Hadaka-matsuri Festival, or naked festival, dates back over 1,200 years in Owari-Konomiya in Inazawa City, and the Hana-matsuri, or Flower Festival (ritual Sinto art) in Oku-Mikawa region. Both are held in winter.