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Rice Plants

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Rice Plants

In April and May, rice planting is completed and the paddies are fresh and green. Frogs happily ribbit at the roots of the freshly planted rice. With nourishment from the sun, soil, and water, the rice plants grow tall, and when the golden rice ears begin to droop heavily around September or October, it's time to harvest. The reaped rice is leaned against a "hazakake," a rack made of wooden poles, and dried in the sun. By doing this, the moisture is slowly removed to create delicious rice.
Sushi was Born in the Edo Period
Sushi has a long history, with records of people eating it as early as the Nara and Heian periods (710-1185). However, the sushi at the time was a little different. It seems they spread out salted fish and shellfish on rice, let it ferment naturally, and then ate the fish or shellfish only. Hand-rolled sushi was called "hayazushi" (quickly prepared sushi) and born during the Edo period (1603-1867).