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Roppongi has both aspects as an office town and an entertainment center that never sleeps. Since there are numerous embassies in the vicinity, many of the shops, bars and restaurants have international flavors and cater to people from other countries. Business complexes with offices, shops and hotels such as "Roppongi Hills" and "Tokyo Midtown" are opening up one after another and this area is becoming a notable site in Tokyo. We recommend a tour of the galleries such as the "National Art Center Tokyo", which is also popular for its restaurants, and the "Suntory Museum of Art" featuring the traditional beauty of Japan. You can access the "Tokyo Tower" easily by car.
You'll find a more relaxed atmosphere on streets in Aoyama such as Aoyama Dori (Ave.), Omotesando and Kotto Dori (Ave.), where stylish boutiques and interior shops sell domestic and overseas brands.
It is also within walking distance from the Shibuya and Harajuku shopping areas.

Tokyo Midtown

This complex houses 130 shops, offices, museums and hotels. The Midtown Tower, with its upper floors occupied by the 5-star "Ritz-Carlton Tokyo" hotel, is the tallest building in Tokyo. The architecture has plenty to appeal Japanese taste, and has specialty shops carrying chopsticks and zori. There is also a Japanese tea café.

Roppongi Hills

This complex contains a shopping mall, museum, hotel and TV broadcast station. Keyakizaka Dori (Ave.), which is beautifully decorated with illuminations at Christmas time, features high-quality boutiques carrying overseas brands. The "Tokyo City View" observatory on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower is open until midnight for you to enjoy the night view of Tokyo.

Don Quijote

"A palace of price busters" is the slogan of this 24-hour discount store. It is crammed with products from cosmetics and food to household appliances, and the stacks of products piled up to the ceiling is quite a sight to see. The perfect place for treasure hunting!


A symbolic site for Aoyama, this unique building contains a hall, gallery and stylish restaurants. The "Spiral Market" on the 2nd floor offers about 50,000 household goods such as accessories, post cards and tableware under the concept of durable convenience items.

Around Omotesando

On "Omotesando Hills", you'll find about 100 famous-brand shops including "Anniversaire Omotesando" popular for its limited-edition champagne and chocolate, as well as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Dior boutiques competing to express their individuality even through their architecture.