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Akihabara is the largest electronics town in the world. It is crowded with shops selling every variety and make of household electrical appliances and PCs, specialty shops dealing in electronic parts that you can't get anywhere else, and duty-free shops. On the other hand, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of Otaku-type shops, which carry animation items and comic books, and the town is renowned even abroad as the origin of Otaku culture. Particularly popular are the "Maid cafes" where the waitresses are dressed in maid costumes, and you will often see people on the street dressed as popular animation hero characters. Redevelopment is underway across from the station and high rises containing IT companies that also run Internet cafes and university facilities or specialty buildings for restaurants are being constructed. Akihabara is an area that will continue growing and changing in pace with the times we live in.

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba

Yodobashi Camera is an electric appliance megastore boasting the largest shop floor area in Akihabara and stocking about 650,000 items. It's connected directly to the JR Station and has a large parking facility. Products are displayed by brand in special corners making it convenient to find exactly what you want, for instance if you are looking for a particular product by SONY. There are restaurants and even a golf driving range on the roof of the building.


This megastore has its shops mainly in the Metropolitan area. There are 8 shops in Akihabara including a duty-free shop and a TV game store, "Asobit Game City". Each shop has its own specialty such as computers of course, watches, cameras, sweets with collectible toys, figures, games and musical instruments, so you will find what you are looking for.

Yamada Denki LABI Akihabara PC Building

This large specialty store was established in 2007 in front of Akihabara Station, entrance to electronics town. PCs and mobile equipment are the main products. On each floor there is booth where you can actually view, touch and experience the product in a relaxed atmosphere, before you make the final decision.