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Affordable Japan

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Many foreign visitors mistakenly believe that it is very expensive in Tokyo but this is not really true. Many visitors know about "100-yen Shops" and enjoy shopping at these and other discount shops, while dining out is also becoming more affordable for them. Some would go to soba (Buckwheat noodles) shops to have tempura (Deep-fried in vegetable oil, fish and vegetables) soba noodles, rather than going to tempura shops only to order tempura. Also, they go in a group to enjoy sharing nabe (pan menu). It seems that they really know how to enjoy their stay in Japan in an affordable way," says Mr. Katsuo Tobita, the owner of Ryokan "Shigetsu" in Asakusa, Tokyo.
In the sections below, you can find either free or low cost tips that will make a trip to Japan really enjoyable, yet still not in a "cheap" way.