Hiruzen Herb Garden

Okayama, Chugoku

The pleasure of being surrounded by the ever-changing nature of Hiruzen Highlands and 10,000 lavender flowers

Hiruzen Herb Garden is in Hiruzen Highlands in the northern part of Okayama Prefecture, forming a border with Tottori Prefecture. It is a first-rate location where you can see the three peaks of Hiruzen, to the east of the Daisen Mountains. In this 3ha site, there are many fields growing many kinds of herbs, including lavender.

The season of lavender flowers, in July, is the best season to visit this place. You should definitely see the 10,000 lavender flowers of a species named “Dream,” blooming all at once. The familiar, refreshing fragrance of lavender fills the air.

In the herb garden, you can actually touch and smell about 200 species of herbs. Also, don’t forget to visit the forest path behind the facility. The conifer forest in an area along the path is inspired by the garden of the late Tasha Tudor, a picture book author and gardener. A garden of wild Japanese vegetables and a hydrangea garden where about 20,000 hydrangea flowers bloom in season, are also spots that you will not want to miss.

In the Building of Fragrance, you can enjoy dishes and drinks made with herbs and wild vegetables, or experience wreath-making in the craft center. Why not try making a wreath as a souvenir of this Herb Garden?


1480-64 Hiruzennisikayabe, Maniwa City, Okayama
09:00-16:30 (hours will change according to the season)
Admission Fee
300 yen (Adult); 200 yen (junior high school students and high school students); free (elementary school children and younger)
April to August: No closed day
September to November: Every Wednesday (open on national holidays)
December-March: all days closed

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