To-ji Temple

Kyoto, Kansai

The temple with its high five-story pagoda is a landmark of Kyoto
Enjoy cherry blossoms, art exhibitions and a flea market!

To-ji temple is famous for its 5-story pagoda and was given to venerable Kukai by Emperor Saga in the 8th Century. It has flourished as a training place of the Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism, founded by Kukai. It is still a representative sight of Kyoto and was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1994. Most of the initial buildings were lost due to riots by provincial samurai, peasants, sect followers, and others. The famous five-story pagoda is a reconstruction made in 1643. The Kodo hall houses Japan’s oldest esoteric Buddhist sculpture. Kondo and Taishido halls also house precious Buddhist art works that are designated as National Treasures of Japan.

Cherry blossoms bloom on the grounds and are lit up at night, creating fantastic scenery. Exhibitions focused on traditional Japanese crafts and important cultural properties are held for about two months, twice a year, mostly during spring and fall in Hobutsu-kan and Kanchi-in. Another famous feature is a large flea market (Kobo-san) held on the 21st of each month. 1200 to 1300 stalls selling food, antiques, interior goods, handmade accessories, and so on are open from 5:00 to 16:00 on the wide grounds. This is an event to enjoy all day.


Kujo-cho, Kyoto Minami-ku, Kyoto
5:00-17:30 (Mar. 20 to Sep. 19); 5:00-16:30 (Sep. 20 to Mar. 19)
Admission Fee
500-800 yen (for adults; vary depending on the season)

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