Mizuwakasu-jinja Shrine

Shimane, Chugoku

Prestigious Myojin Taisha
Safeguarding the islands since ancient times

Against the blue ocean and clear sky, Oki Islands with historic sites and legends designated as National Park have as many as 150 shrines even though they are isolated islands. Six shrines in Shimane bear the title of “Myojin Taisha” and four of them are in Oki, which indicates how pious people are and cherish their traditions on the islands. One of the four shrines is Mizuwakasu Jinja on Dogo, the largest island of the Oki Archipelago.

The shrine is believed to be built around 400 during the age of Emperor Nintoku and enshrines Mizuwakasu-no-mikoto who is said to have a duty to safeguard the Sea of Japan. Current main shrine was built in 1795 in a style called Oki-zukuri. The building is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Grand Festival Mizuwakasu jinja sairei furyu is one of the three great festivals of Oki. Yamahiki Shinji in which small boys in happi coat pull a float called yama is smile-provoking and very gorgeous at the same time. Sumo wrestling has been popular since ancient days in Oki. There is a sumo ring in the precinct of Mizuwakasu Jinja, where sumo meetings are held all night long on celebratory occasions.


723 Kori, Okigun Okinoshima-cho, Shimane

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