Hofu Tenman-gu Shrine

Yamaguchi, Chugoku

Hofu Tenman-gu, located in Hofu, a city in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is one of Japans leading Tenman-gu (shrines sacred to the god of academic learning), ranking alongside the Dazaifu Tenman-gu in Dazaifu, a city in Fukuoka Prefecture, and the Kitano Tenman-gu in Kyoto. It is believed to be the oldest Tenman-gu in Japan, and is said to have been built in 903 at the site where the court official and scholar Sugawara Michizane stopped on his way from Kyoto to Fukuoka following his exile. Ultimately he came to be venerated as the patron saint of scholarship and the shrine attracts many visitors even now.’


14-1 Matsuzaki-cho, Hofu-shi, Yamaguchi
Admission Fee
Free in the shrine precincts
Open throughout the year
[Walk]JR Hofu Stn./15-min. walk

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