Futarasan-jinja Shrine

Tochigi, Kanto

Situated on the top of Nantai-san is Futarasan-jinja. Also on Nantai-san are the Chugushi Shrine, located on the shore of Chuzenji-ko, and the shrine Oku-miya. When the priest Shodo Shonin climbed to the top of Nantai-san in 783, he built a building on this peak, making the deity of the building the mountain itself. Since climbing the mountain was so difficult, he also built Chugushi Shrine and Futarasan-jinja.When the synchretistic worship of Buddhism and Shinto became popular sometime later, there was a spread of the worship of Nikko-san (also called Nantai-san), Nyoho-san and Taro-san in addition to worship at Rinno-ji. The present main shrine was built in 1619 by Tokugawa Hidetada, the second shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate. Housed here is a sword inscribed with the name of the famous 14th century swordsmith Tomomitsu of Osafune.


2307 Sannai, Nikko-shi, Tochigi
Admission Fee
Free in the shrine precincts Shin-en (garden): 200 yen
[Bus]Tobu Nikko Stn./Bus/10-min. ride/Nishi-Sando Stop/7-min. walk

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