Shuhodo (Akiyoshido)

Yamaguchi, Chugoku

Encounter with unknown creatures in the cool cave.
This is another world in adventure movies.

On the south side of Akiyoshidai, the widest karst tableland in Japan, is the gaping entrance of Syuhodo, one of the largest limestone caves in Japan. The 100 to 200-meter deep cave with about 1-kilometer long sightseeing course is designated a Special Natural Monument. Shuhodo that used to be held in awe is now a sightseeing spot attracting many visitors. Temperature in the cave is stable at 17 degrees C throughout the year, offering an environment cool in summer and warm in winter.

Near the entrance of the cave you will see water from the cave cascading as a three-stage fall to a blue river surface. Behind the fall, there is an array of natural objects that make us feel the abyss of time. “Hyakumai-zara” that looks like as if one-hundred plates are placed one on top of the other, “Donaifuji” pillar, a huge pillar soaring like a mountain, “Kogane-bashira (golden pillar)” a 15-meter high flow stone and other objects are indeed art works of nature. Creatures that have evolved in their own particular way in the unusual environment of the cave are very unique. There are also many species endemic to the cave such as Akiyoshi Sinella dubiosa, Akiyoshi Pseudoscorpion, white shikoku gammarus and Coprinellus disseminates.

In recent years the entrance of the cave is changed to a slope so that a part of the cave is accessible to wheelchairs with a support person. Experience of the world difficult to see anywhere else is highly recommended.


Shuho-cho Akiyoshi, Mine City, Yamaguchi
0837-62-0304 (Mine Municipal Tourism Department)
Admission Fee
1,200 yen (adult); 950 yen (high school students); 600 yen (Jr. high students); 600 yen (elementary school students)

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