Fukushima, Tohoku

One of the largest waterfalls in Japan, with a spectacular view of a large amount of falling water

Sanjonotaki Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Japan, 100m tall and 30m wide. Because it collects all the water from Ozegahara, the wetland nearby, a huge amount of water passes through the falls. Such a large amount of water roaring down the falls is a spectacular view. The name Sanjo (meaning “triple rows”) comes from the fact that the waterfall splits into three rows when the water level is low.

The waterfall is located on the border of Niigata and Fukushima Prefectures, and is one of the Best 100 Waterfalls in Japan. Although the trekking course from Ozegahara is a famous path, it is a highly undulating mountain route with a rough surface. You would be better to not take on the challenge unless you are definitely confident in your physical strength.

Although you cannot reach the waterfall basin, the observation deck provides a view of the entire waterfall. There is another waterfall nearby, so you can enjoy different types of water flows. It takes about 35 minutes on foot from one waterfall to the other. If you look up at the waterfalls giving out a rumbling noise and take in the negative ions in the mist, you will be refreshed and forget about how tired you are from taking the mountain path.


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