A valley filled with massive, peculiarly-shaped rocks; a reminder of the primeval age

Oni No Shitaburui is a valley in the midstream of Omaki River. You will never get tired watching the clear water flowing sometimes fast, sometimes slowly, between massive rocks. The valley is surrounded with abundant nature that looks different in different seasons. You can also enjoy the scenery on the walking path.

There is a legend explaining the origin of the name of the place. Once upon a time, a small shark fell in love with a princess living in a village, and visited the village every day over the Sea of Japan. The princess felt sick of this and stemmed the water with a large rock to stop the shark, but the shark continued to admire the princess. It is said that the current name is a corruption of wani no shita buru (meaning the shark in love).

On both sides of the valley are steep cliffs, and the rows of massive, peculiarly-shaped rocks are a spectacular sight. There is a dam downstream, and you can enjoy fishing. The barrier-free walking path is suitable for wheelchairs and baby strollers. The Izumo area is a land of myths. Imagine the ancient days in the freely-growing trees forming a scene like a virgin forest of the primeval age.


Ohtani, Okuizumo-cho, Nita-gun, Shimane
0854-54-2260 (Okuizumo Tourist Association)

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