Notsuke Peninsula Wild Flower Garden

Hokkaido, Hokkaido

Go by carriage through a flower garden that stretches as far as the eye can see.
The small peninsula is a treasure house of nature.

Situated between the Shiretoko Peninsula and the Nemuro Peninsula, the Notsuke Peninsula is a treasure house of nature. Notsuke peninsula Wild Flower Garden spreads on the eastern edge of the peninsula. Major garden areas are along a walking trail from the Notsuke Penninsula Nature Center and around the Notsuke-saki Lighthouse. From late May to October, wild flowers such as rugosa rose, Chocolate Lily, Eriophorum vaginatum, Lathyrus japonicas, Hemerocallis esculenta, and Iris ensata var. spontanea create splendid pictures of the season.

There is a nesting place of Japanese cranes near Bokko bog in the garden. You can watch cranes playing gracefully in the garden and around their nests from early spring to late fall. You can see majestic white-tailed sea eagles during winter.

Automotive traffic is not allowed on the walking trail but carriages and bicycle are allowed. The trail that is called flower road stretches 28 kilometer from the base to the tip of the Notsuke Peninsula, creating a colorful fairy-tale landscape.


63 Notsuke, Notsuke-gun Betsukai-cho, Hokkaido
0153-82-1270 (Notsuke Penninsula Nature Center)
50 minutes by car from Nakashibetsu Airport (one hour by air from Shin-Chitose Airport) (car parking available).