Mt. Yoshino

Nara, Kansai

The best cherry blossom site in Japan is a World Heritage Site with precious remains in a pristine environment

Mt. Yoshino has mountain paths which stretch for about 8 kms from the north end of Omine Renzan mountains and is well known since ancient times for its cherry blossom sites. It is also a sacred place for Shugendo (a religion of Japan where followers undergo harsh training in the mountains for enlightenment).

With many sites precious for their historical and architectural value, the whole mountain is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can walk and visit World Heritage buildings including Yoshino Mikumari Shrine, Kinpu Shrine, Kinpusenji Temple and Yoshimizu Shrine. You can also visit a place associated with Minamoto Yoshitsune, a military commander of the 12th century who is known as “Ushiwakamaru” and a historical site where the renowned haiku poet Matsuo Basho once strolled.

Mt. Yoshino offers the varying views of nature in her four seasons, such as 30,000 cherry trees turning the mountain pink in spring, hydrangea in summer, colorful leaves in autumn and snowy landscapes in winter. The beautiful and delicate scenery has appeared in many poems for over 1,000 years. The mountain is also famous as a stage for Kabuki plays during the Edo Period (1603-1868).

Get in touch with the deep history and beautiful nature of Japan in Yoshino.


Yoshino-yama, Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara
0746-32-1007 (Mt. Yoshino Tourist Association)

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