Miyake Island

Tokyo, Kanto

The whole island is a natural park!
Observe rare animals and plants unique to the island in a paradise for birds.

Miyake Island is known for active volcanic activity. The whole area of the island has been registered as part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park for the reason of valuable natural environment there. As people can hear birds chirping here and there, the island is called “Bird island.” It is possible to observe rare birds unique to Japan, including endemic thrush that is the symbol of the island as well as species which inhabit only on Izu Islands, such as varied tit, Japanese pygmy woodpecker, and Japanese White-eye.

In addition, another attraction of the island is to see living things that colorfully glitter like jewels in the sea. The island is a popular dive site where people can closely observe a wide variety of living things, including over 600 kinds of sea fish, about 90 kinds of corals, shells, shrimps, and crabs. The best season for fish watching is from May to October. Incidentally, dolphin swim (dolphin watching) is also conducted from March to November.

On Miyake Island that is also a volcanic island, there are sites where the traces of eruptions are marked. Kazan Taiken Yuhodo (a path to experience a volcano) is a path touring the sites of Ako Elementary School and Ako Junior High School which were buried by lava flow in 1983. The raw traces of the eruption can be observed. At Imasaki Beach, people can see lava that flowed out in 1643 remaining as a black coastline. Miyake Island where people can learn both the beauty and severity of the environment shows a trip through which people can feel nature more closely.


Miyake Island, Miyake-mura, Tokyo
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