Maki-do cave

Okayama, Chugoku

Used as a location for a popular mystery film
A limestone cave showing a subtle and profound world

This is a limestone cave designated as the Natural Monument of Okayama Prefecture and the Special Area in the Prefectural Natural Park. It is also known as a location for a Japanese popular mystery film entitled “Yatsuhakamura.” “Ki” means mystery and rare and “Ma” means fullness. The cave was named “Makido” as a female poet representing Japan, Akiko Yosano, expressed the cave as a “cave full of mystery.” In addition to Rimuishi like a pile of dishes, Sutoroishi (straw stone) which is hollow, and Hashiraishi (pillar stone) like a thick tree supporting the ceiling, various types of stones, including Doketsusango (cave coral), Turaraishi (icicle stone), and Ishinokaten (stone curtain), are formed to the extent that the cave is called a department store of stalactites. The cave certainly shows scenery full of mystery.

The entire cave is lit up with fantastic light, and a subtle and profound world is produced for example by throwing a bridge like one in a nursery story over a grand pond. You can feel like being in a film. In addition, it is said that if one throws a coin in “Sensui (garden pond)” in the course, his or her wish is realized. You will feel that a miracle may happen if you throw a coin in the pond over your shoulder with your back to the pond. The 450 m-long cave can be toured for about 30 minutes, and it is also attractive as it is cool in summer and warm in winter. As the ground is slippery, those who visit the cave with a little child or elderly person must pay attention.


2276-2 Toyonagaakouma, Niimi-shi, Okayama
Admission Fee
1,000 yen (adults); 800 yen (junior high school students); 500 yen (children)

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