Fudo-Otaki Falls

Gunma, Kanto

The 32 m drop of the largest waterfall on Mt. Akagi-yama is a most impressive sight

The largest waterfall on Mt. Akagi-yama is Fudo-Otaki Falls, with its 32 m drop. Its beautiful countenance changes through all four seasons, with views of fresh verdure in spring and fantastical mist and rainbows in summer, while blazing scarlet and gold autumn leaves provide a spectacular backdrop in the autumn. Descend to the bottom of the falls and look upward to witness the overwhelmingly magnificent sight of the power of the rushing torrent. It is particularly popular in winter. The icicles form a frozen cascade that has a truly artistic beauty.

The walking track to reach the Fudo-Otaki Falls has firstly been designed for novices, and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the falls from the car park. On the way, there is a cavern where a gambler called Kunisada Chuji, who lived 150 years ago, once hid from the authorities. There is a tale that he had 200 followers and that he helped poor peasants when there was a famine, so he became a very popular figure, whose name lives on in rokyoku narrative songs, enka ballads, and plays, even today. Visitors can also enjoy a relaxing soak in the Onsen amid beautiful natural surroundings at the nearby Takizawa Onsen.


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