Cape Soya

Hokkaido, Hokkaido

See the Sakhalin Island over the horizon from the northern end of Japan

In northern latitude 45 degrees 31′, the cape is the northernmost point of the main island of Hokkaido. You can see the Sakhalin Island on a fine day. A stone monument of triangular pyramid shape on the cape reads “The monument at the northern end of Japan” the place where many tourists visit has various monuments including a bronze statue of Mamiya Rinzo (1780-1844) a 18th century Japanese explorer after whom the strait between Sakhalin and the Eurasia Continent is named, in addition to commercial facilities such as souvenir shops and restaurants. However, the best appeal of the place is its scenery. The view of the wide sea from the cape or hills is spectacular. Checking a map of Japan and looking at the coastal line and the horizon, you can feel that you are indeed at the northernmost point of Hokkaido. Many tourists come here to feel “A sense of fulfillment” by standing on the northernmost point. Visiting a lighthouse in the vicinity or sending a letter for memory from a local post office might enhance the sense of fulfillment.

The Monument of Peace built jointly by Japan and the United States to console the souls of war victims during the Pacific War (1941-1945) and the observation tower of old navy for surveillance of Russian Baltic Fleet and others at the time of Japanese-Russo War (1904-1905) would make you contemplate on wars and history while seeing down to the sea.

Drift ice comes here every winter. Endless ice on the sea impresses us differently than the Cape Soya does in summer. Because there are often strong sea winds, it is advised to take measures against cold weather.


Soya Misaki, Wakkanai City, Hokkaido

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